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Protect your hardware on the computer!

Just test the RAM under Windows 10, 8.1, ... and Serven! 

Compare Fonts TTF OTF on Windows!

Huge Desktop Pointer Stick in USA design!

Who wants to see soccer ball as mouse tracks on the desktop!

Rain drops on the Windows 10 PCs and Laptops!

KO Timer to quit hanging Windows apps and programs!

Easy export the Network Ping Results to HTM to compare Result at a later time!

Delete non-erasable files when restarting the MS Windows PC and Server! 

Find defective or dead pixels on the monitor quickly on MS Windows!

Auto hide and showing the Windows desktop icons with a timer!

Define Hot-Key, for the program or the drive Eject or Open Close Menu!

Easily find and remove duplicate images is convenient!

Start Long-Term Memory RAM-Test and wait for incorrect accesses!

Q-Dir Columbian Espanol Short Help!

Windows Explorer as the default file manager!

Hide mouse cursor in DesktopOK!

Get Pixel Color RGB or RGBA from Windows-Desktop!

Add my text plus what is in the clipboard, example!

Compare images and Multilanguage ergo change Language!

Duplex with non-duplex scanners, improved sorting for print out!

If the network drive disappears after restart or update!

Customize folder Columns / Save in Quad Explorer on Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

TortoiseSVN Overlay Icons and others are supported in Quad Explorer!

Windows always in the foreground under Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

What is going on with the duration column on Windows 10?

Add and maintain custom columns in File Explorer Windows 10!

The search field in File Explorer is too small (narrow, away)?

Enable or disable secure logon in Windows 10 with Ctrl + Alt + Del!

NAS and networks are not recognized on the Windows 10 computer (network drive setup)?

Download ISS Web Server for Windows 10 good and for free!

Deactivate background apps under Windows 10, clear RAM!

Remove transparent icons on the Windows 10 desktop?

Group the tiles in the Windows 10 Start menu!

Windows 10 desktop is gone, what can I do?

Troubleshooting tips for inkjet printers on Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Disable Quick Access in File Explorer on Windows

Image comparison software windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Windows 10 and computer management!

Windows 10: shell:fonts!

In Windows 10, install additional language packs, but how?

Enter emoji using the touch keyboard (on-screen keyboard) on Windows 10!

Find and start Windows 10 media player!

Windows 10 Clipboard Open history and use!

Disk check when starting Windows-10, then black screen?

The file system on a Windows 10, 8.1, 7 PC!

Find installed desktop programs on Windows 10!

Smart screen and upgrade problem with Win-10!

OneDrive does not appear in Explorer Windows 10, 8.1!

Rotate the image or scan before create a PDF!

Green Flower on the Windows Desktop!

Classic address bar under Windows 10 instead of a new address line!

A List of Windows Shell:Folders Commands?

Can I also delete locked directories under Windows 10 and 8.1?

Help, I can't find the desktop directory?

The mouse cursor draws a trace, which makes me nervous. Is deactivation possible?

Set a limit for maximum used RAM memory on Windows 10/8.1/7, how to?

Redirect CMD command output to a file, with an example?

Identify network problems with Windows Command Prompt (10,8,1,7)!

Delete and Overwrite permanently?

Change the language in MS Office, German, ... to English!

Outlook 2016 I receive the error message, not an .ost file!

How can I disable the seconds Pointer in the desktop Clock (Windows)?

How can I export the Explorer file list for Excel (XLS, CSV, HTML)?

Can I also compare Camera Raw files, like in Photoshop?

Switch the Language in Auto Power Options Tool for Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Windows 10 notification "Turn-on virus protection", how to turn off this message?

Wlan or WiFi speed under Windows 10 see how does it work?

Windows-10 change keyboard settings, how to (language, settings)?

Changing User Passwords in Windows 10 Without Knowing the Current?

My-Documents Windows 10, change the path, how to?

Disable Login Screen in Windows 10, how to?

Can I change drive letter name in Windows 10, how to?

Save search results in Windows 10 for always recurring search events?

Start navigation click sound in Windows 10 (enable, disable)?

Show hidden files and folders in Windows 10, how to?

Hibernation settings Windows 10 (turn off, enable, disable)?

Change Mouse Pointer and Cursor size on Windows-10, (smaller, larger)?

How can I use multiple virtual desktops on Windows 10?

Portable use of Don't Sleep on Windows 10 and protected folder problem!

Can Auto Hide Mouse Cursor Free always start minimized (to-tray)?

Problems when writing under Windows 10. 8.1, ...!

Printer connection and printing problems!

Does Microsoft also have a direct sales point for e.g. Windows 10?

Temporarily deactivate Microsoft Security Essentials!

Anonymous or private browsing on Windows!

Add PDFs and images to the PDF?

Why print out the lost space on the hard disk for Windows?

How to Fix Error Code 80072F8F on Windows 8.1 / 10 Update?

Where is the auto startup folder in Windows 8.1 or 10?

How to control aggressive programs under Windows 8.1 and 10?

Windows 8.1/10: How to show  administrative  Management Tools in the Start Tiles!

On Windows 8.1 and 10, how to open Quickly Ease of Access Center ?

Update Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 for free (upgrade)!

How to find WordPad in Windows 8.1 (start, open ,run)?

Help, the Windows 8, 10 Explorer does not update e.g. auto refresh the file list view?

How to define in Windows 8.1 / 10 a program to open multiple file types?

Activate Win 8 remote support for remote desktop connections in Windows OS?

Windows-8.1 / 10 on-screen keyboard, (find, start, run)?

How to switch the Windows 8 or Win 8.1 Control Panel, to classic?

Repair Outlook Express *.dbx folder emails (free)!

What is google flights?

How can i change the Relationship on FaceBook.com?

Sorry but I'm too stupid to start the PC stress test on new Windows 10!

AndroidAP Password for Samsung Galaxy (forgot, to change, enter new)?

How to use large windows desktop clock?

Pointer Stick and Portable + Windows 10 problems!?

Download free trial versions from Adobe.com!

Would you please put file dates in your file descriptions?

Decorate your own pictures with this software with the help of imagination!

Delete system data on Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

What is exFAT formatting in Windows 10 (8.1 / 7)?

Alphabetical, chronological, numerical, intuitive sorting in the file explorer!

Help, no Tool-Bar and Address-Bar in Explorer View of Quad-Dir?

Change the default action of pressing WIN+E! 

A little helpers, I have still not found, something like "minimize to tray"?

Is it possible to change the title of the Quad-Explorer window?

Dragging doesn"t work at all when dragging from a network (mapped) drive!

How can I change the favorites folder in Quad-Directory-Explorer?

What is the difference $ / GB: between CD, DVD, BluRay and USB!

HDD or SSD read out data from a 64-bit computer with 32-bit XP / 10?

Hard disk does not start, clicks are heard?

Problems with Windows 7 Starter download!

Help on Windows 10 I can not change the file time stamp, why?

Get a grip on hanging programs and apps as administrator!

The Calculator OK shows me period and not comma, why?

How can I maximize the number of windows desktop icon (border, font size)?

Is there a command line option to start the program minimized?

Activate the Auto Backup Feature in QuickTextPaste!

Date Time Format in QuickTextPaste!

Can I also do a test color printing in Windows 10?

Hide Desktop Icons Show in Windows 7, Help?

Can I disable autoplay for DVD, CD, USB in Windows 7, how to?

Rename Default operating system Name at System startup in Windows-7, how to?

New folder hotkey in Windows 7 for Windows Explorer!

Where is the free antivirus freeware for MS Windows 7?

Auto login without password on Windows 7 (How to)?

How to create an installation Windows-7 DVD?

What is Synchronize (sync)?

What are proprietary file formats?

What is a separator?

What is a VeraCrypt container?

What are address classes?

What is adjustment?

What means Windows Ten?

What is a cortana?

Left-Right Arrow Keys?

What are program arguments, parameters, variables?

What is Multi-Core Processors?

What is a Trial version?

Can I use the bin-to-iso tool in the business area, ergo commercial!

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